International Journal of Psychology and Psychological Therapy

Volume 9 Num. 2 - June 2009


Personality disorders in homeless people

Volume 9 Num. 2 - June 2009 - Pages 275-283


Carlos Salavera Bord


This paper analyzes the relation between personality disorder and homeless condition. In order to achieve this objective, an ex post facto study was carried out. It had a prospective character, done with a sample of 77 patients who took part and gave answers in an interview and in the MCMI II along the period of treatment. The results indicates that 80,5% of the homeless engaged in the study shows one or more personality disturbances. The most outstanding disturbances are related to personalities with interpersonal problems: Antisocial, Narcissist and Dependent. Moreover, high scores on Alcohol Dependence, Delirious Disorder, as well as Compulsive TP can be appreciated. Homeless are clearly related to personality disturbances increasing the complexity of treatments, worsening the prognosis. Finally, we comment the relevance of the results of this study in practical intervention with this population and for future studies on this topics.

Key words:

Personality disorder, MCMI II, homeless.

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