International Journal of Psychology and Psychological Therapy

Volume 8 Num. 2 - June 2008


The incidence of peer bullying as multiple maltreatment among Spanish secondary school students

Volume 8 Num. 2 - June 2008 - Pages 247-257


H?ctor Guti?rrez , ?ngela Barrios , M? Jos? de Dios , Ignacio Montero , Cristina del Barrio


Two national reports on peer bullying and social exclusion in schools promoted by the
Spanish Ombudsman and UNICEF (2000, 2007) established the state of the art of bullying
incidence in secondary schools, its forms, and differences according gender, school year
or type of school amongst the many aspects tackled by both studies. One more step in
the deepening into the nature of peer bullying and social exclusion in schools is to clarify
whether the students who are victims of bullying are so in a single way, i.e. through the
same type of action or whether they are bullied in multiple forms. The present study aims
first at finding out the existence of multiple bullying among the secondary school students
participating in the Second Ombudsman?s Report. Second to determine whether it consists
of experiencing various behaviors within the same category, e.g. verbal bullying, or
various behaviors across categories (e.g. being insulted and stolen), as well as the incidence
of both types of multiple maltreatment. For that new analysis of the information provided
by the 3000 participants are carried out. Only the perspective of victims are presented
pointing to the existence of multiple maltreatment, especially across categories.

Key words:

incidence of bullying, school bullying, multiple maltreatment.

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