International Journal of Psychology and Psychological Therapy

Volume 7 Num. 3 - November 2007


Identificaci?n Organizacional y Ruptura de Contrato Psicol?gico: sus Influencias sobre la Satisfacci?n de los Empleados [Organizational Identification and Psychological Contract Breach: its Influence on Employees' Job Satisfaction]

Volume 7 Num. 3 - November 2007 - Pages 365-379


Gabriela Topa Cantisano and J. Francisco Morales Dom?nguez


The main purpose of this study has been showed the partial mediator role of
group, professional and organizational identification into the relationships between perceived contract breach and employees? job satisfaction. Confirmative factor analysis with a sample of employees (N= 133) showed hygienic and motivator job satisfaction factors? as different but related dimensions. Through a structural equation model it has been proved that different focus of identification will be better predictor of different outcomes. Results have been discussed in order to their theoretical and practical implications.

Key words:

Organizational identification, Psychological contract, Job satisfaction

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