International Journal of Psychology and Psychological Therapy

Volume 7 Num. 1 - April 2007


Evaluaci?n de Actitudes Sexuales Machistas en Universitarios: Primeros Datos Psicom?tricos de las Versiones Espa?olas de la Double Standard Scale (DSS) y de la Rape Supportive Attitude Scale (RSAS) [Evaluating Sexist Attitudes with University Students: First Psychometric Data of Spanish Versions of the Double Standard Scale (DSS) and the Rape Supportive Attitude Scale (RSAS)]

Volume 7 Num. 1 - April 2007 - Pages 41-60


Juan Carlos Sierra, Antonio Rojas, Virgilio Ortega and Juan Domingo Mart?n Ortiz


First psychometric data of two questionnaires assessing sexist attittudes on Spanish samples are introduced in this paper: Double Standard Scale (DSS) and Rape Supportive Attitude Scale (RSAS). Both scales, along with the Sexual Opinion Survey (SOS), were administrated to university students (151 men and 249 women). In accordance with their authors? proposal, our findings reproduced the single-factor structure on each scale. Reliability estimation through Cronbach?s alpha evidenced similar coefficients to those reported with the original scales, ranging from .70 to .76 for the DSS, and from .91 to .92 for the RSAS. Hypothesized correlations with the scores on negative attitudes toward sexuality -erotophobia and homophobia- provided evidence that supports the measurement validity of the DSS and the RSAS. On the other hand, regarding some problematic items from our analyses, the need to refine both instruments in future research is suggested. Finally, the presence of sexual prejudices in our society is discussed.

Key words:

Sexist attitudes, Reliability, Validity, Instrumental study

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