International Journal of Psychology and Psychological Therapy

Volume 6 Num. 3 - November 2006


Una Revisi?n de la Alteraci?n de las Propiedades Reforzantes de los Eventos en Humanos [Alteration of the Consequential Properties of the Events in Humans: A Review]

Volume 6 Num. 3 - November 2006 - Pages 425-444


Sonsoles Valdivia and M Carmen Luciano


The alteration of the consequential properties of the events is one of the keys to understand behavioural fluctuation. Numerous theories have been proposed to explain the emergence, maintenance and change of the motivation to do something or to quit doing it, but not all of them have been helpful. In this paper, we present the concept of motivation within the functional-analytic perspective, as well as a review of the procedures implemented for the alteration of the consequential functions. Such procedures will be classified on the basis of their utilization, or not, of direct management of contingencies to alter the consequential properties of the stimuli. This criterion distinguishes the early development of the functional-analytic perspective from the late development, the last one focused on the alteration of behavioural functions in the absence of any direct experience with the events. Finally, some of the gaps in relation to the involvement of verbal processes in the motivational control exerted by the events are discussed, with a special emphasis in the clinical implications.

Key words:

Motivation, Humans, Establishing Operations, Relational Frame Theory, Augmenting

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