International Journal of Psychology and Psychological Therapy

Volume 6 Num. 3 - November 2006


Modelos Te?ricos de Psicoterapia en Argentina: Actitudes y Creencias de sus Adherentes [Theoretical Models of Psychoterapy in Argentina: Attitudes and Beliefs of Psychologists]

Volume 6 Num. 3 - November 2006 - Pages 381-396


Horacio Daniel Garc?a and Claribel Morales de Barbenza


This study is aimed to gather information about the relationship between theoretical models and the perception and appraisal that psychologists make about psychotherapy in Argentina, and to analyze some of the involved variables. 226 psychologists from several regions of the country participated in the survey; the instrument, conformed by 14 items, was send by electronic mail and, in a few cases, it was given personally. Results suggest that, in Argentina, psychoanalysis is the prevalent model; in second place are those psychologists who ascribe to eclectic or integrative models. The adoption of one or another psychotherapy model is associated with beliefs, expectations and appraisals that psychologists make about the use of techniques that belong to different approaches, agreement about the existence of more effective models, opinions about factors involved in patients effective change, acceptance of possible bias in the evaluation of other theoretical approaches and criticism about the own model.

Key words:

Psychotherapy, Attitudes, Appraisal, Beliefs

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