International Journal of Psychology and Psychological Therapy

Volume 6 Num. 1 - April 2006


H?bitos y Creencias de Salud en M?dicos y Estudiantes de Medicina [Health Habits, and Health Beliefs Among Physicians and Medical Students]

Volume 6 Num. 1 - April 2006 - Pages 99-110


Emilio Moreno San Pedro, Jes?s Gil Roales-Nieto and Jos? Luis Blanco Coronado


Data available on health habits and health beliefs in Spanish medical population is scarce. The objective of this study was to explore some health habits (i.e., tobacco and alcohol consume) as well as the knowledge and beliefs regarding those habits among physicians and medical students. The sample was 147 participants from various hospitals in Spain. A questionnaire specifically designed for this study was used to obtain data about the target variables. Results show that 47,6% of participants are smokers, and 71,7% inform to be alcohol consumers. A positive relation between age and frequency of consumption was found in both habits. Participants demonstrate to have an adequate level of knowledge and beliefs in relation to the risks for health that the use of tobacco and alcohol entails, contrasting clearly with their consumption patterns. The health habits of this sample do not differ from those founded in the general population, even though participants show a correct level of knowledge and beliefs on these habits, thus emphasizing the lack of correspondence between health knowledge, beliefs and health habits.

Key words:

tobacco, alcohol, physicians, health habits, health beliefs

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