International Journal of Psychology and Psychological Therapy

Volume 5 Num. 2 - July 2005


Las Representaciones de la Tutor?a Universitaria en Profesores y Estudiantes: Estudio de un Caso [Representations of University Tutoring in Teachers and Students: A Case Study]

Volume 5 Num. 2 - July 2005 - Pages 149-168


Clemente Lobato Fraile, Laura del Castillo Prieto, and Felisa Arbizu Bacaicoa ,


The concept and the accomplishment of tutoring in university studies are also subject to the social representations constructed for professors and students both on this educative dimension. Consequently, the supply and demand that settle down, and that are innovated, around the position of a guardian are derived from certain representations. We presented the results of the analysis of content of a semi-structured survey made to students and professors of our university. The process of analysis of the data has been made by means of program NUDIST.4: Analysis of qualitative data attended by computer. The system of categories elaborated has allowed to determine the social representations us of the university position of a guardian, that are present in the mental universe and which they as much explain the conducts in the behavioural scope of the group of professors like of the group of students of the first years of university. The complex structure of these social representations can get to explain the difficulty of the cognitive and behavioural change, and therefore, of the educational innovation. For that reason from the conclusions, we suggested a series of proposals oriented to the improvement of the practice

Key words:

tutor, university tutoring, higher education, social representation

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