International Journal of Psychology and Psychological Therapy

Volume 5 Num. 2 - July 2005


Patrones de Consumo de Alcohol en Trabajadores Industriales Mexicanos [Alcohol Intake Pattern Among Mexicans Industrial Workers]

Volume 5 Num. 2 - July 2005 - Pages 113-124


Jos? Ignacio Vargas Mart?nez, Emilio Moreno San Pedro and Magdalena Alonso Castillo ,


This correlational descriptive study has the purpose to explore the association between some sociodemographic factors and alcohol intake pattern among workers of an assembly factory. Total sample were 124 men and women. The results shows significant differences between work status and alcohol intake pattern: a moderated alcohol intake pattern was higher among blue-collar workers (26.9%) compared whit white-collar workers, while harmful alcohol intake pattern was higher among white-collar workers (12.9%) compared with blue-collar workers. Significant differences between sex and alcohol intake pattern were also observed: high alcohol intake pattern (40%) and harmful pattern (29.1%) were higher among men. Age, scholarship status, labour state and marital status showed no effect with alcohol intake pattern

Key words:

alcohol intake, workers

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