International Journal of Psychology and Psychological Therapy

Volume 4 Num. 1 - April 2004


Descripci?n de un Prototipo Inform?tico Para la Evaluaci?n de Conceptos B ?sicos en Educaci?n Infantil: Estudio Preliminar [Description of a Computerized Prototype for the Evaluation of Basic Concepts in Child Education: A Preliminary Study]

Volume 4 Num. 1 - April 2004 - Pages 165-175


Jos? Manuel L?pez, Concepci?n Alcalde, Jos? I. Navarro and Esperanza Marchena


The study of basic concepts acquisition processes represents a productive research topic in the last twenty years. Knowledge of acquisition procedures has important applied effects at the educational environment. In addition, the development of the computer technology has allowed be use on many educational tasks, although some educational software is not suitably contrasted. Considering the acquisition of the basic concepts, knowledge of achievement and the developments process has also have other applied research focus of interest. However, they have been underrepresented for assessment of basic concepts in early childhood, using a computer device. This article presents an Assessment of Basic Concepts Multimedia Software prototype, focused on kinder garden students and mentally disabled children. After developing the prototype, it was administered to a pre-school children group, and a special educational students group. After statistical analysis of consistency and reliability, functional changes were realized on the configuration of the multimedia program.

Key words:

Basic concepts, Assessment, Computer test, Preschool, children, Special education.

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