International Journal of Psychology and Psychological Therapy

Volume 4 Num. 1 - April 2004


Cambios del Patr?n Alimentario Como fecto de la Privaci?n de Agua o Alimento en Ratas en Crecimiento [Changes on Feeding Patterns as an Effect of Water and Food Privation in Growing Rats]

Volume 4 Num. 1 - April 2004 - Pages 93-104


Antonio L?pez Espinoza and H?ctor Mart?nez


Eight albino rats in their period of growth (they were 2 month-old at the start of the experiment) were exposed to two days of total (24+24 hours) or partial (12 hours per day) food or water deprivation every 15 days. Food and water were freely available after every deprivation period. Fifteen periods of food or water deprivation and 280 consecutive days of observation were completed. Results confirmed that big eating, big drinking, and recovering or increasing body weight resulted when food or water deprivation was removed.

Key words:

Post-deprivation period, water or food consumption, body weight, feeding pattern, growth, rats.

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