International Journal of Psychology and Psychological Therapy

Volume 4 Num. 1 - April 2004


Aportaciones del An?lisis Conductual al Estudio de la Conducta Emergente: Algunos Fen?menos Experimentales [Contributions of Behavior Analysis for the Study of Emergent Behavior: Some Experimental Phenomena]

Volume 4 Num. 1 - April 2004 - Pages 37-66


Jes?s G?mez Bujedo, Andr?s Garc?a Garc?a, Vicente P?rez Fern?ndez, Mar?a , Teresa Guti?rrez Dom?nguez and Crist?bal Boh?rquez Zayas


In the last decades of investigation from the perspective of the Experimental Analysis of Behaviour, basic researchers have paid special attention to complex phenomena of stimulus control, which can generate emergent or ?creative? behaviour. These investigations have allowed an experimental approach to some typically human psychological processes, such as concept formation, the production and comprehension of verbal and symbolic behaviour, consciousness and complex reasoning. Complementarily, there have been carried out several investigations about the behavioural bases of these phenomena in non-human animals. In the present work we describe a selection of representative experimental phenomena showing progressively more complex behaviours that emerge as a combination of the subject?s history of reinforcement and the exposition to a novel situation.

Key words:

Experimental Analysis of Behaviour, Emergent Behaviour, Stimulus Classes, Cognition.

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