International Journal of Psychology and Psychological Therapy

Volume 3 Num. 2 - December 2003


Early Intervention in Schizophrenia [Intervenci?n Temprana en Esquizofrenia]

Volume 3 Num. 2 - December 2003 - Pages 267-281


Seraf?n Lemos, Oscar Vallina and M. Purificaci?n Fern?ndez ,


The objective of this work is to report the current situation of some international programs of early intervention in psychosis, analyzing the criteria used for identifying persons at risk and the difficulties involved in defining risk in retrospective and prospective studies. There is a brief discussion of the objectives of the programs of early intervention in psychosis and the components of the protocol. Finally, the authors offer a short description of the project under way in a public health service in a region of northern Spain.

Key words:

primary indicated prevention, early intervention, schizophrenia

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