International Journal of Psychology and Psychological Therapy

Volume 24 Num. 1 - March 2024


Transdiagnostic Unified Protocol for Women with Breast Cancer: A Preliminary Study

Volume 24 Num. 1 - March 2024 - Pages 99-107


Arrigoni, Flavia , Navarro Guzmán, José I.


This article aimed to explore the feasibility and clinical utility of the online Unified Protocol to improve emotional regulation with women diagnosed with breast cancer. Method. Research with a quantitative, exploratory, descriptive, and interactive approach, with a quasi-experimental design, pre-posttest for paired samples. Nine women with an average age of 53 years (SD= 9.5; range from 41 to 71) participated in a psychological intervention of 12 weekly 90-minute sessions. A statistically significant change (p < 0.05) between pre and post-test measurements in Anxiety (t= 2.777; p=.024), Quality of life (Z= -2.670; p=.008), Optimism (t= -2.785; p= .024) and Positive Affect (t= -3.834; p=.005) were found. The size of the effect was moderate in Optimism and big in Anxiety, Quality of life and Positive Affect. High levels of treatment satisfaction were found. The intervention was useful to improve the emotional regulation of women with a medical condition in a pandemic context.

How to cite this paper:
Arrigoni F & Navarro Guzmán JI (2024). Transdiagnostic Unified Protocol for Women with Breast Cancer: A Preliminary Study. International Journal of Psychology & Psychological Therapy, 24, 1, 99-107

Key words:

Transdiagnostic Unified Protocol, emotional regulation, tele-psychology, breast cancer

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