International Journal of Psychology and Psychological Therapy

Volume 21 Num. 3 - October 2021


Typology of Personal Characteristics of Cadets Who Use Psychoactive Substances

Volume 21 Num. 3 - October 2021 - Pages 347-361


Oleksandr Kolesnichenko , Yanina Matsegora , Ihor Prykhodko , Serhii Shandruk , Stanislav Larionov , Svitlana Izbash , Lesia Vavryk , Iryna Khanenko , Yulia Andrusyshyn , Kateryna Tishechkina


The aime of this study was the development of the typology of personal characteristics of cadets who used drugs on a permanent, temporary, or single basis. Sixty five cadets from different courses of the higher educational institution participated in this study. A medical examination verified the drug abuse. Determination of Type Accentuation of Character Traits and Temper, Questionnaire of Suicide Risk, Sіxteen Personality Factor Questionnare, Progressive Matrix, Questionnaire on Examination of Professional Selection Motivation, Self-Esteem Structures of Temper Questionnaire, and Multilevel Personality Adaptability’ Questionnaire were used as instruments for evaluate personal characteristics. Cluster analysis differentiate the cadets who use drugs through the indicators of adaptive abilities. Developed typology gave the possibility to distinguish the reason of cadets being sensitive in relation to drug-dealers manipulations; e.g., openness, desire to get impressions, naivete, eagerness to become a part of the group, credulity, unreal expectations, desire to be active, and tendency to unnecessary risking.

How to cite this paper:
Kolesnichenko O, Matsegora Y, Prykhodko I, Shandruk S, Larionov S, Izbash S, Vavryk L, Khanenko I, Andrusyshyn Y, & Tishechkina K (2021). Typology of Personal Characteristics of Cadets Who Use Psychoactive Substances. International Journal of Psychology & Psychological Therapy, 21, 3, 347-361.

Key words:

drugs, military cadets, acceptable behaviour, psychoprevention, adaptation

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