International Journal of Psychology and Psychological Therapy

Volume 21 Num. 3 - October 2021


Advanced Technological Support in Psychotherapy

Volume 21 Num. 3 - October 2021 - Pages 289-304


P Adu , T Jurcik , K Aduo-Adjei


Increasingly, mental health has become a global public health concern warranting evidenced-based studies to promulgate effective ways of ensuring good mental health among individuals. In recent times, technology has become an inherent part of psychotherapy delivery. This paper examines how information technology in the delivery of psychotherapy improves mental health outcomes and helps eradicate stigmatisation of patients with mental-illness. Relevant empirical studies and reviews from psychology, psychiatry, mental health, telemental health, and the psychotherapy literature were synthesized, and findings guided the discussions on policy and practice implications. Results revealed that the use of advanced technological support in psychotherapy delivery can avert challenges with individuals’ unwillingness to disclose sensitive issues about their lives, help overcome scarcity of mental facilities and skilled professionals, and improve help-seeking. Finally, the results revealed that the use of technological methods of psychotherapy may help reduce stigmatisation associated with utilising mental health facilities. Findings from this review have implications for psychotherapy delivery and anti-stigma campaigns.

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Adu P, Jurcik T, & Aduo-Adjei K (2021). Advanced Technological Support in Psychotherapy. International Journal of Psychology & Psychological Therapy, 21, 3, 289-304.

Key words:

mental health, psychotherapy, stigma, information communication technology

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