International Journal of Psychology and Psychological Therapy

Volume 2 Num. 2 - December 2002


Anorexia por Actividad: Una Revisi?n Te?rica y Experimental [Activity-induced Anorexia: a Theoretical and Experimental Review]

Volume 2 Num. 2 - December 2002 - Pages 131-145


Mar?a Teresa Guti?rrez Dom?nguez and Ricardo Pell?n , ,


In the present study, we describe the phenomenon of the activity anorexia in rats. The procedures that have been used for in this experimental study in the laboratory are revised, as well as the main factors that influence its development. The most relevant theories that have tried to explain the origin of this behaviour are also presented. Lastly, we propose a thesis that links activity anorexia to other patterns of adjunctive behavior, that serves like a framework to guide the future experimental work.

Key words:

Activity anorexia, Adjunctive behavior, Activity like reinforcement, Rats, Humans

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