International Journal of Psychology and Psychological Therapy

Volume 2 Num. 1 - June 2002


Siete Conductismos Contempor?neos: Una S?ntesis Verbal y Gr?fica [Seven Contemporary Behaviorisms: A Verbal and Graphical Synthesis]

Volume 2 Num. 1 - June 2002 - Pages 103-113


Andr?s M. P?rez-Acosta, Fernando Guerrero and Wilson L?pez L?pez , ,


We have synthesized the philosophical proposals of seven influential contemporary behaviorists: B. F. Skinner (radical behaviorism), J. E. R. Staddon (theoretical behaviorism), H. Rachlin (teleological behaviorism), S. C. Hayes (functional contextualism), J. Donahoe (selectionism), A. W. Staats (psychological behaviorism), and E. Ribes (behavior theory). This review, based on some of their representative writings, includes a comparison between them about the next issues: concept of behavior, concept of cognition, relation with neurosciences, methodology encouraged, research issues, experimental findings, and critical aspects. We end with a graphic comparison of the behaviorisms on two axis: 1. more or less proximity to neurosciences, and 2. more or less proximity to cognitive psychology.

Key words:

Radical behaviorism, Theoretical behaviorism, Teleological behaviorism, Functional contextualism, Selectionism, Psychological behaviourism, Behavior theory

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