International Journal of Psychology and Psychological Therapy

Volume 2 Num. 1 - June 2002


Terapia de Soluci?n de Problemas en Enfermos de C?ncer [Problem-solving Therapy for Cancer Patients]

Volume 2 Num. 1 - June 2002 - Pages 23-39


Rosario J. Marrero Quevedo and M?nica Carballeira Abella


The purpose of this study was to improve cancer patients? psychological adjustment to disease, by enhancing their cognitive skills. The results with the application of a problem solving abilities training program, are presented. The sample has been formed by 46 cancer patients, 33 were randomized to therapy group and 13 to control group. We have used self-report measures about interpersonal abilities, fears and relaxing ability, to assess the effectiveness of the therapy program. Results demonstrated that the program was moderately effective in order to improve problem solving abilities, showing a relative effectiveness in reducing fears and in increasing relaxing ability.

Key words:

Cancer patients, Problem solving abilities, Psychosocial intervention, Psychological distress

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