International Journal of Psychology and Psychological Therapy

Volume 17 Num. 2 - June 2017


Eating Pathology in adolescents: Effects of Attachment and Emotion Regulation

Volume 17 Num. 2 - June 2017 - Pages 209-220


Gema Gutiérrez García , Yolanda Fontanil , Dolores Paz , Esteban Ezama , Yolanda Alonso


Eating Pathology in adolescents: Effects of Attachment and Emotion Regulation. The aim of the present work is to explore associations between eating pathology (EP), emotion regulation (ER) and attachment in a non-clinical adolescent sample; and whether insecure attachment and difficulties in emotion regulation explain EP. A sample of 485 adolescents (240 females) aged 12-18, completed the EDI-2, DERS and EPERIC questionnaires. Sex differences were analyzed. Sex differences in EP level occur since the age of 14-15. Associations with high effect sizes between these three constructs were found. It is possible to predict EP from difficulties in emotion regulation and insecure attachment features (R2 Nagelkerke= .305 in females, and .236 in males). EP shows strong association with fear of rejection or abandonment in females and with preference for independence in males. Conclusions. There are sex differences on the associations between these three constructs considered in the present study and in EP explanation too. This has implications in prevention.

Key words:

eating pathology, emotion regulation, attachment, adolescence

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