International Journal of Psychology and Psychological Therapy

Volume 15 Num. 1 - March 2015


Índice de dificultad en la solución de la tarea Torre de Londres en niños y adultos

Volume 15 Num. 1 - March 2015 - Pages 117-132


María Luisa Cepeda Islas , Hortensia Hickman Rodríguez , Rosalinda Arroyo Hernández , Diana Moreno Rodríguez , Patricia Plancarte Cansino


Behavior analysts, have been interested in conceptual aspects concerning the nature of human behavior, and also have been concerned by the pursuit of methodological strategies. In this search, we have used the Tower of London (TOL) as an experimental device, because it emphasizes the monitoring of rules. In order to show evidence about the methodological usefulness of the TOL as an experimental task for the study of conduct governed by rules, the objective of the study was to compare the performance of two groups of different ages (children and youth). 32 children and 30 adults participated. We used a quasi-experimental design groups. The virtual task was, designed through the Flash Mx program. The program is to present two images, one represented the initial configuration and the other represented the goal settings, by means of the mouse the participant could displace some areas to reach the goal. The results make clear the differences between children and adults in measures of latency, successes and index of difficulty in blocks of 5 to 8, which are difficult for children. Solve a task involves making contact executions taught, in which the individual has to deploy rules and determine the effectiveness of the same, so it is important to continue the research with this type of tasks from the viewpoint of behavior analysts.

Key words:

Tower of London, complex behavior, behavior governed by rules

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