International Journal of Psychology and Psychological Therapy

Volume 12 Num. 1 - March 2012


Relational Responding as a Psychological Event

Volume 12 Num. 1 - March 2012 - Pages 85-96


Mitch J. Fryling


Research and scholarship in the area of relational responding has had a large impact on the field of behavior analysis. While theoretical disagreement remains, all can agree that issues which have historically received relatively less attention in behavior analysis are now topics of frequent discussion. Through the lens of interbehavioral psychology this paper conceptualizes relational responding as a psychological event. In doing so it will be argued that workers in the area of relational responding might find the interbehavioral perspective to be relevant; and further, to be a thoroughly consistent and parsimonious foundation. The value of the interbehavioral position for workers in this area, particularly in their interpretive efforts, will be emphasized.

Key words:

relational responding, interbehavioral psychology, stimulus substitution, verbal behavior.

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